Trask Brand Ambassador: Zoe Yarborough

Anyone who’s looked at a colorful radar map or a 20-something’s Instagram feed in the past few months knows that this has been a particularly unrelenting winter. The snowfall and blistering winds drive on even as we approach May and those rare perfect 70-and-clear-blue-sky days are teasing us like the boy who cried wolf. Nashville has canceled school left and right. Drivers have all but completely abandoned the roads at the sight of one flake. I’ve always thought it silly to complain about something so uncontrollable as the weather, but I think we could all stand to shed some layers.

photo 1

Winter fashion, to me, is beautiful. It’s simple, sleek and neutral. A pair of boots, a bag or a wool coat become statement pieces. The cold weather calls for a specific type of creative expression. Colored tights, fur hats, and southwestern sweaters are a few of my favorite personal touches to add to a likely all-black outfit underneath. However, when winter and spring begin to mix it is energizing. People begin to feel the change. For me, this means a denim vest, leather bag, airy and colorful trapeze pants, boots, and an extra-large scarf to wrap up in at night.

Trask’s Shelby bootie is the perfect example of that transitional staple. The stitching and tassel adds a simple and quirky touch to the smooth, camel boot. There’s something so flattering and confident about a heeled bootie. In the photo above, I’m on set at a photo shoot with one of our artists, Jon Wolfe out of Austin, TX, and photographer/director/producer extraordinaire, Mason Dixon. We began at 6:30 am (to catch the light and mist that comes with sunrise) out on a creekside farm in the picturesque rolling hills of Franklin, TN. The weather went from can’t-feel-my-fingers-why-am-I-holding-this-huge-reflective-shade cold to swelteringly hot. My Shelby boots took me through the adventure in stride, and my Kaylee leather bag actually became our makeup artist’s toolbag. She almost didn’t give it back!

photo 2

But the “winter to spring transition” is more to me than packing up the down jackets and boots and bringing out the bathing suit box. Spring is the light at the end of this seemingly never-ending tunnel. It’s that first small shoulder tanline. It’s that first unbearable allergy attack. It’s that sigh of relief from my toes when I can finally justify splurging on a pedicure (and I can finally slip on my Trask Keira sandals). It’s the festival lineup announcement frenzy. It’s trip planning. It’s the excuse for jumping happy-hours Monday through Friday.

photo 3

In the music industry, this is an exciting and busy time of year. Our artists are gearing up to release new music, we’re designing warm-weather merchandise, organizing tour calendars that spill into the summer months. My workdays often blend into my nights, so it’s important to have that look that can go from a business meeting to after work drinks to basement concert to honky tonk. I can accomplish this look with anything from my Trask spring ensemble. Trask helps me create outfits that match my optimism, energy, and excitement, and leave winter in the rear-view mirror.

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