Brand Ambassador: South of France – New Tunes in the Works

Last time we touched base, Trask readers, we had just finished filming an amazing music video for one of our new tunes. And while I wish I could say this blog entry sees us releasing it for your viewing pleasure, I can’t… because behind the scenes of every song you hear and every video you watch, there is a long process that goes way beyond “write a song, record it, release it.” Right now we are in the middle of all of that process. It’s invisible progress to everyone else, but we’re stoked to be watching it move behind the scenes.

While some days are spent shooting videos or planning shows, other days Jeff is at his computer packaging up all of our digital files to send off to another person to mix. And no, that doesn’t sound that exciting at first, but for us, it couldn’t be better. We recently got in touch with a man named Shane Stoneback, who has worked with some of the best names in indie rock – Vampire Weekend, Cults, Sleigh Bells among others. It started as “wouldn’t it be amazing if we could get Shane Stoneback to mix this?” and turned into “Oh man… Shane Stoneback said he loved the songs and wants to mix them!” Invisible to others, but a whole new exciting world to us.

When people have asked us how the band is doing in recent months, we’ve spent a lot of time talking about how many songs we’ve finished recording and how much work we’ve put into writing, recording and shooting. And honestly, it could be a while before the fruits of our labor are revealed to the world, but it’s not due to laziness or procrastination. It’s because we’re busy pulling the levers and pressing the buttons behind the scenes so that everything is just right when the curtain opens.

It really helps us out a lot to stay busy during this phase of the process or else we can get really frustrated and antsy. Jeff’s been recording with a few other bands, taking pictures, playing with old cars, building his dream drum set, and planning a trip to Nepal where he’ll trek to Mt. Everest base camp. Kelly’s been working a lot, planning trips and taking short trips to the mountains, working on some other music, and hanging with her family.

We’re really looking forward to the next steps… creating artwork for the album and singles, rehearsing the songs, getting all of the right gear to perform with, and most importantly… getting out there and getting sweaty on stage.

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