Brand Ambassador: South of France – Music at the Museum

So we’ve been working on our new album for a while now… a long while. The guitar has been recorded 50 times over and we’ve sung our throats dry, but now that that’s done, a long arduous task awaits– Jeff has to create an undeniable “signature sound” for the record through the magic of mixing and mastering.
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So to rejuvenate and get away from the computer, we set up shop in the Denver Museum of Nature and Science to film our first music video for the album. We were fortunate to work with an amazing production company- Futuristic Films- with award winning directors Jasper Gray and Frank Pickell at the helm. The museum was gracious enough to give us after hours access to their amazing wildlife dioramas. We loved the vibrant colors and the surreal nature of the scenes, and were immediately inspired to use them as a backdrop for a storybook, Wes Anderson kind of feel. Frank and Jasper were on board with the vision from the start and went above and beyond to make it happen.

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The night went something like this: Wait for the museum to close (and wait for everything inside to come to life). Help one of the hardest working crews we’ve ever seen load one million pounds of gear in and haul it through the vast museum to the diorama halls. Prepare our wardrobe changes as the crew sets up. Mime-play our song over and over and over while being pushed around on dollies like members of that animatronic Chuck E. Cheese band. Eat Thai food, mime-play some more, tear down, go home at 2 in the morning, wondering if the T-Rex in the lobby just moved or was that our imaginations?

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