Brand Ambassador: Paul Michel – Hometown

Anyhow, after being born and raised in the suburbs of Denver years ago, I spent about fifteen years living in several different cities before moving back to the Mile High City. After stints in Fort Collins, Portland, Gunnison and Austin, I moved back to my homeland almost three years ago.

And let me tell you, I’ve loved being back. The Denver community has welcomed me with open arms, and I’ve been so excited to see the Denver creative scene really thrive over the last few years. I am surrounded by so many creative, inspiring people doing neat things, and it has played such a large role in promoting my development and encouraging me to keep creating art.

Let me show you a few of my favorite spots around Denver. Hopefully you will enjoy this brief tour of my wonderful city.

Most of my leisure is spent on the Larimer stretch of restaurants, pubs and coffee shops. This small community in Denver has really furthered my development and allowed me to work with some wonderful people on some really neat projects.

A favorite coffee shop of mine is Crema coffeehouse, a terrific gem that has terrific coffee, food and which supports a lot of local artists. Huckleberry Roasters is several blocks away, and is a terrific spot as well. Being a self-employed artist, I frequent coffeehouses like these to work on small-scale pieces and get out of the studio.

Our Mutual Friend (pictured) is a wonderful little brewpub that commissioned me to create a large piece for their taproom. It is a must the next time you find yourself in Denver.

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A favorite pastime of mine when I am not making art is running around town, or playing basketball. Getting out and exercising helps me achieve such peace and balance, and after years of competitive distance running, it is a must for my mental and physical health that I stay active.

My living situation has also been really conducive for leading the healthy life. I live in a shared house with three other artisans in downtown Denver, and the home next door houses several amazing artists as well. Among the two homes are several musicians, a potter, an illustrator, a florist, a tie-maker, two leather good makers, and a screen-printer. It has been so inspirational for me to live amongst these young creative people, and we enjoy each other’s company at many a barbecue and community dinner.

Denver continues to grow each year, and so many neat businesses are popping up every month. It is an exciting time to be in The Queen City of the Plains, and I implore you to come check it out whenever you can!

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