Brand Ambassador: Jeremiah Newton – The In Between Moments

I am about to move to L.A. from Austin and recently I was at a coffee shop Silverlake thinking about what life in my new city will be like. While the sun set I texted friends about our next adventure – and as silly as it may sound, I took that moment to cherish life.

An ode to those moments in between moments that make life so special.

To me, life is all about the simple and beautiful moments in between the hustle and bustle of life, time with friends, a good cup of coffee to enjoy as the sun rises, a rugged and beautiful pair of jeans, and lacing up your favorite leather boots before you head out the door. To me this is what makes life worth living, and one of the reasons I love Trask. It is one of the simple yet beautiful pleasures in life for me to throw on a pair before I start off on my hectic day of managing The Bearded Bastard. They remind me to say what ever will be will be – to jump on my skateboard, ride my motorcycle into the wild blue yonder, and enjoy that single malt just a little longer as the sun sets…because life is all about those moments in between moments were the magic truly is.


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