Brand Ambassador: Jeremiah Newton – Quality in the Modern World

Take a walk in my shoes.

Howdy, my name is Jeremiah Newton, and you might say I am a bastard – well, a Bearded Bastard that is.

Trask contacted me recently about being a brand ambassador. We had a good laugh over the name of my company, and away we went. I received my first pair of Trasks in the mail and knew right off that Trask was a company like the one Bearded Bastard strives to be: a company that believes in a quality product, and – just like my product – smells amazing when you open the box. The smell reminded me of the saddle shop where my dad used to take his boots. He probably re-soled those boots at least ten times, when goods were quality and you cherished them.










At my company we really live the motto ‘make a damn good product, and treat your customers like they matter.’ Just like Trask, it is about the whole experience. When I pulled my boots out of the box everyone in the office said, “What is that amazing smell?”, and promptly asked me what size I wore, to which I replied, “Get your own damn boots!”













I think companies of recent are having a resurgence of creating quality products, and giving a damn again. Every morning I wake up to read my reviews, and I can’t say how happy it makes me to find someone who appreciates my effort.










I get to work with my hands and truly make a difference in people’s lives, because beauty matters. We live in a world where everything is buffeting us; phone calls, yelling, almost getting hit by a car, your boss, the subway – and sometimes whiskey isn’t enough. That is what I love about applying one of my products or putting on a pair of Trasks – you are putting on urban armor, the scent alone transports you to a happier place. I often have men telling me using my products is like stepping out of their cabin door, axe in hand, adventure in their eye, and a bottle of whiskey by their side, when in all actuality they are getting in their car to go to a 9-to-5 grind.

There is something beautiful about knowing you are their armor against the modern world.

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