Brand Ambassador: Ian Clark – Winning Silver

The Great American Beer Festival. The largest beer competition on earth. 3 days, 60,000 attendees, and over 2,000 different beers from 700 breweries all being judged and analyzed like they have never been before. It is the most important beer festival of the year and, in some ways, ends the festival season. Winning a bronze, silver or gold medal at GABF is a game changer for any brewery. It immediately puts that brewery on a quickly growing map of craft breweries that are all continually pushing boundaries and raising the proverbial bar on quality. Competition year in and year out gets more and more stiff.

BRU handbuilt ales & eats, my garage brewery turned gastro brewery, in Boulder Colorado happened to be lucky enough to take home one of these coveted medal this past year. First, let me put this in context for everyone… It’s like being a passionate daily runner that puts up respectable mile times and decent sprints and one day deciding you wanted to go to the Olympics just to be a part of it and see how well you did against the “pros”. You stand at the line in the blocks, nervous as hell, wondering why you decided to do this. The gun fires and you leap out of the gate and sprint your ass off. As you approach the finish line you only see one person ahead of you, you keep running hard and cross, but as you do, you turn your head around to see who is behind you. And then it hits you, you just beat Usain Bolt in the 400 meter at the Olympics in front of the world…


These were my sentiments exactly this past fall when my little brewpub took a silver medal for our wee heavy scotch ale, named LOCH. Standing on stage at what can only be described as the Oscars of beer, next to the best and most decorated breweries in the country was BRU. It was an incredibly special day. A day I will never forget. I could not have been more proud of the BRU crew, all of the people that had worked so hard and expected nothing but the best from themselves and the people they work with to get us to this spot. I was elated to say the least.


Winning silver was recognition of something I knew and felt in my gut. We at BRU take our craft very seriously, all while working hard and staying humble. Getting recognized for this was beyond exciting.

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