Brand Ambassador: Dave Puncochar – Good Wood Nashville

About a year ago, my company was introduced to Trask – a shoe brand that was synonymous with quality, and made in America. We are a local, reclaimed lumber company specializing in preserving the past and building the future with our wood. The Trask brand and Good Wood Nashville have a common theme: quality, handmade in the USA. I ordered a few boots and am blown away by the quality and feel of my Elkhorn’s.

My wife bought me a device that tracks my steps, and now I realize that I’m on my feet all day. Most days I average 10,000 steps in our concrete floor warehouse where we store all of our old barnwood. Some days I’ve had over 17,000 steps. All that to say, I’m on my feet a lot. The Elkhorn’s are by far the most comfortable and supportive shoes I’ve every worn. Whether I’m in a barn, in my wood shop, wood warehouse, or in a nice home for an appointment with my clients, I’m proud to wear and work in my Trask boots.

I like working with companies that represent what we do: made in the USA, quality, and workmanship.

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